The Interview

After you have completed the steps on the Diversity Visa Process on, including submitting the required immigrant visa application form (DS-260), you may receive an email from the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) to let you know that an interview has been scheduled for you.  The e-mail will instruct you to log into the Entrant Status Check on the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website, using your DV entry confirmation number, to view the date, time and location of your interview.

You can learn more about the interview process on  Please note that the following actions will lead to the automatic disqualification of your application:

  • Failure to list your spouse and any children under 21 (biological, adopted, or stepchildren) on your original entry, even if they do not live with you, unless they are already U.S. citizens or Legal Permanent Residents of the United States
  • The addition of a spouse and children who do not have a bona fide spousal or parent-child relationship with you – that is, marriages that are solely for the purposes of immigration, or the inclusion of children who are not your actual biological, adopted, or stepchildren
  • Failure to demonstrate that you have passed the WAEC or participated in an academic program beyond secondary school (other than vocational programs); or, failure to demonstrate that you have two years of qualifying work experience
  • The submission of WAEC results that are not your own
  • The submission of WAEC results issued in someone else’s name
  • The submission of any fraudulent or inauthentic document