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U.S. Embassy Statement on the Presidential Runoff Election
October 25, 2023

The United States congratulates the Liberian people for exercising their democratic right to vote, including for senators and representatives, in the October 10, 2023, national elections. The National Elections Commission (NEC) officially announced that no presidential candidate received 50% plus one of the votes, therefore, the presidential race will go to a runoff election.

We call on all parties to accept the results peacefully as representing the will of the Liberian voters. Any outstanding grievances related to the election should be resolved through Liberia’s established legal processes.

We note the broad participation of Liberians and commend the commitment and dedication displayed by the citizens of Liberia in exercising their right to vote and engaging in the electoral process peacefully. International and domestic observers have praised the professional conduct and transparency of the NEC and noted the generally peaceful atmosphere at voting polls across the country.

The United States continues to follow the electoral process closely as the NEC prepares for a presidential runoff election scheduled for November 14. We encourage all candidates, supporters, and parties to express themselves peacefully and respect the rule of law.  Our expectation and desire for the Liberian people is that the presidential runoff election be free, fair, and peaceful, as Liberians choose their next president.