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U.S. Embassy Monrovia Policy

The U.S. Ambassador to Liberia is the personal representative of the President, and oversees the Embassy and all federal departments and agencies represented within it.

Representatives from the State Department and other U.S. government departments and agencies manage portfolios concerning economic and commercial affairs, consular and immigration issues, public affairs, political and military relations, and development.

At Embassy Monrovia, our mission is to help Liberians succeed. We support this mission by working with our Liberian partners to initiate and pursue innovative, sustainable efforts that:

  • Promote peace, security and the resolution of regional conflicts;
  • Encourage equitable economic growth;
  • Improve governance and rule of law;
  • Expand equitable access to quality educational opportunities;
  • Improve health of women and children; and
  • Advance the prosperity and safety of Americans at home and abroad.