U.S. Embassy Announces Resumption of Medical Examinations for Immigrant and Diversity Visas Applicants

Monrovia, February 13, 2015 – The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce that medical examinations for all immigrant visa and diversity visa applicants will resume in Liberia on February 16, 2015.  A medical examination completed by an approved panel physician is a requirement for all immigrant and diversity visa applications.

Visa applicants in Liberia previously scheduled for an immigrant or a diversity visa interview must follow the updated instructions concerning medical examinations on the U.S. Embassy’s website regarding medical exams in order to complete the processing of their case.  All immigrant and diversity visa applicants in Liberia are advised to review the revised instructions for obtaining a medical exam.

Future applicants should also review the U.S. Embassy Monrovia website and contact the panel physician directly to schedule a medical exam prior to their upcoming visa interview date.

The Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy advises all immigrant and diversity visa applicants to expect extended wait times as panel physicians work to schedule applicants whose cases have been pending the longest.  At this time, applicants may still travel to another country for medical exams if approved by the panel physicians associated with the Embassy or Consulate in that country.