Passport Services

The U.S. Embassy Consular Section accepts first-time passport applications, applications to renew passports, and applications to replace passports that have been lost, stolen, or damaged. We also accept diplomatic and official passport applications.

We electronically forward your application to the United States for printing. The passport is then sent back to the Embassy to be returned to you. The turnaround time for this process is usually 2-3 weeks. You will receive an email when your passport is ready to be picked up. If you apply for additional visa pages, the turnaround time is 1-2 business days.

The U.S. Embassy Consular Section accepts passport applications by APPOINTMENT ONLY during American Citizen Services hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 2:00 – 4:00pm. We do not accept any documents by mail, email, or fax and we do not return passports by mail to any location within or outside of Liberia.

If you must travel urgently, the Embassy may issue an emergency passport. Call +231 (0)77-677-7000 to discuss your emergency situation to the consular duty officer.

Passport Renewal

Adult U.S. Passport Renewal                                    $110
Adult U.S. Passport Renewal with card                     $140