U.S. CDC Downgrades Ebola Travel Notice in Liberia

On May 4, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta downgraded its travel alert from a Level 3 (Avoid Nonessential Travel) to a Level 2 (Practice Enhanced Precautions) for Liberia. Currently, there are no known cases of Ebola in Liberia.  As of April 18, 2015, contacts of Liberia’s last known Ebola patient have completed their 21-day monitoring period and are no longer at risk for getting sick with Ebola. CDC no longer recommends US residents avoid nonessential travel to Liberia. However, CDC recommends that US residents practice enhanced precautions when traveling to Liberia. Travelers should follow CDC’s advice for avoiding contact with blood and body fluids. Travelers should also be aware that getting medical care in Liberia may be difficult because the public health infrastructure of Liberia has been severely strained by the Ebola outbreak. Certain groups, such as senior citizens, people with underlying illnesses, and people with weakened immune systems, should still consider postponing travel. See more: TH_alert_Liberia_Ebola_Notice_27Apr2015 (PDF); https://www.facebook.com/monrovia.usembassy; https://twitter.com/embassymonrovia