Millennium Challenge Corporation Projects Assessed

Chief Operating Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Jonathan Nash paid a visit to Monrovia on June 18-19 to review progress on project implementation under an agreement signed October 2015 between the Governments of Liberia and the United States of America.  During the visit, President George Weah met with COO Nash to receive a progress update.

The US$257M MCC agreement — known as a compact — with Liberia is designed to increase economic growth, reduce poverty and improve the lives of Liberians by increasing access to reliable and affordable electricity, and strengthening the electricity sector, as well as improving planning and the implementation of road maintenance.  Progress under the compact has already been made at the Mt. Coffee Hydropower plant, in which MCC provided US$147 million and was the single largest donor to the rehabilitation. Additional compact projects focus on ensuring electricity reaches Liberians’ homes and businesses.


The compact will also contribute US$15M to match the Government of Liberia’s funding for critical road maintenance on the primary network. In addition, US$5M is being provided for data collection and capacity building around road maintenance management at the Ministry of Public Works.