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Charge d'Affaires Catherine Rodriguez's Remarks at LEPDA Close-out Event
December 6, 2023

As prepared

Officials of the Government of Liberia,

Development Partners,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to join you in celebrating the transformative gains made by  LEPDA – the Liberia Economic Policy Dialogue Activity – funded through the generous support  of the American People.

As you are aware, LEPDA aimed to strengthen policy-making capacity within the Government of Liberia and support public sector reforms aimed at spurring private sector-led economic growth.

This was a huge undertaking and success depended on employing innovative approaches and best practices as well as fostering productive engagements with all stakeholders.

Therefore, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the successful implementation of LEPDA.

All of you directly or indirectly involved with LEPDA can take justifiable pride in what you accomplished together, particularly given the very difficult and often uncertain circumstance under which you worked—COVID-19, economic stagnation, as well as the worsening effects of climate change and related shocks.

And we’ve heard about the great work LEPDA did under these trying conditions.  We know, for example, how LEPDA helped the Commercial Court adopt rules and institute reforms to more efficiently adjudicate commercial disputes and speedily enforce court judgments.

We’ve also heard of LEPDA’s work with the Central Bank of Liberia and how it helped the Bank put in place processes for transparent procurement of the nation’s currency.  And we know how LEPDA supported the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to adopt the first indigenous fiscal macro model.

I ask you to look beyond just these achievements and remember LEPDA for the positive impact their work has had on the lives of ordinary Liberians.