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CHARGÉ D’AFFAIRES Catherine Rodriguez's Message on World Radio Day
February 13, 2024

As prepared

Good morning, Liberia, and happy World Radio Day!

I really appreciate the opportunity to speak to your listeners about the importance of radio and the journalists, station managers, and owners who make sure that the Liberian population has access to news.

The theme of this year’s World Radio Day is “a century informing, entertaining, and educating.”

Today we celebrate not just a medium of communication, but a cornerstone of democracy and free speech. With its profound history, radio continues to play a pivotal role in Liberia, informing Liberians and providing a platform for diverse voices.

In addition to the free exchange of ideas, we recognize radio’s invaluable contribution to democracy—more Liberians relied on radio for updates during last year’s general and presidential elections than any other form of communication.

Radio serves as a beacon of information, reaching the farthest corners of the country, ensuring that even the most remote communities have access to important news and various perspectives.

Understanding the significance of radio in shaping democratic societies, the U.S. Embassy is proud to contribute to this legacy through our media mentorship program and through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s support of community radio stations through it’s partnership with Internews.

Through these programs we also provide training and exchange opportunities for journalists, conduct community media forums, and enhance the capacity of community radio stations.

Moreover, our media programs aim to equip up-and-coming journalists, including those on the radio, with the knowledge and skills in ethical journalism, fact-checking, and unbiased reporting. This helps ensure that the principles of free speech are upheld and protected.

As we celebrate World Radio Day, let us all recommit to supporting free speech and democracy through the power of radio. Let us continue to champion the voices that radio brings to the forefront, the stories that inspire change, and the conversations that foster democracy.

Liberian people, yall leh teh radio tenkyu too [Let’s appreciate radio].